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Birmingham, Cheeky, West-Midlands, Comedic, Black Country, Matey, Deep, Un-cut

Richie’s hometown lies smack-bang in the middle of the UK - Cannock, Staffordshire. His native accent could be described as Brummie/Black Country, now with notes of East London.

He is raw, un-cut and gritty. Utilising his sharp wit, he can be cheeky, comedic and matey. But equally, he can be deep, imposing and menacing. His 6ft5 – 100kg frame emphasises that.

Richie’s love for performing was realised when playing KING HENRY VIII, aged 8. He then went on to perform for the next 15 years in dozens of stage plays and musicals through school, college and amateur theatre; most often playing the lead due to his natural stage presence.

Richie is now carving out a professional TV acting career, with credits from several big studios. Though acting may have been his first love, Richie loves nothing more than contorting himself around a mic while voicing a video game character – but please don’t tell his acting rep!

Richie is very excited to be writing an unapologetically British sitcom, HOSPITALITY with two wonderful creatives and warns us to ‘watch this space’.

Back home, Richie knew precisely no one within the creative industries, spawning his saying; ‘cursed with creativity from a working-class background’. In 2024 he set out with a small group of likeminded actors on an audacious mission to do something about it - thus RAW Actors (Regional and Working-class Actors) was born.

Richie’s ideal Monday morning: Riding a 1200cc Ducati Motorcycle through a sunny valley to the gym. A kickass boxing session, sauna and shower. Off to the recording studio to voice a dark and twisted ethereal video game character. Then, off to set to act in a hard-hitting drama or comedy series. Finishing the day with an evening of food, wine, board games, friends and laughs. Bloody lovely.



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