Rob Jandy


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  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Home Studio

English Neutral, Raspy, Mature Voice, Warm

Calm, Inspiring and Professional, born in the UK of Polish extraction, fluent in both languages, Rob has a youthful, calming, naturally neutral voice. He is very comfortable with other languages including French and German but effortlessly picks up other languages and pronunciations.

Rob loves a mystery and solving puzzles. whether it's cooking a new recipe on MasterChef with random ingredients, building a new computer from scratch or resolving national issues within NATO. He is insatiably curious about the world.

He started in academia with degrees in mathematics, psychology, law, an MBA and research for a PHD in the arts which lead to a career in leadership and management for the Ministry of Defence, he also has a parallel career in the performing arts, working with the Arts council and dabbling successfully in local politics. Because of his varied background he enjoys fiction and non-fictional, but his favourite genres are academic, European history, Polish Literature, murder mystery and sci-fi.

When not in his home studio, you’ll find him managing the local radio station, hiking with his dog, performing poetry recitals, playing the piano, podcasting on neuroscience and exploring the world whether it is travelling or through cooking.


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