Alex Walker


  • Country: United Kingdom

Scottish, Husky, Gravitas, Strong, Masculine, Deep, Authoratative

Alex is a Scottish actor based in London with another base in Edinburgh. He has nearly 20 years’ experience in all aspects of the industry from cabaret to touring theatre, TV and film, to commercials, performance art and physical theatre.

Alex has performed in plays for radio and narrated audiobooks such as Louis Aragon's surrealist classic, 'A Wave of Dreams'. He has provided voiceovers for commercials as well as corporate training with well-known names such as Sony, Ford, Barclays, Edinburgh University, Santander and National Geographic.

A keen reader and published author, Alex has also taken part in many spoken word literary and poetry readings at arts venues such as the Barbican and ICA, often in close collaboration with musicians and visual artists.



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