Angelique Joan


  • Country: United Kingdom, France
  • International

Bi-Lingual, RP English/French, Youthful

Angelique is Franco-British actress based in London. She was born in England but grew up in Belgium and France. From the age of 5, she was fully bilingual and can easily switch between both languages.

Her acting career started at 7 years old in commercials and theatre. While obtaining her Masters degree in English Literature, she also studied acting at Cours Florent in Paris and a summer course at the Los Angeles Playhouse School of Drama before moving to London.

Her film credits include 'BBC Doctors', 'The Crown', 'Allied', ' The Darkest Hour' and 'Red', a critically acclaimed mental health campaign which gathered more than 11 awards worldwide. Angelique is also the voice of Julie D'Aubigny in 'Corpse Talk', an Original Youtube series that has gathered over 10 million views on Youtube.

In her spare time, she writes. Her first non-fiction novel "Ready, set,30" was published in 2023.



    • Commercial
    • Showreel

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