Becca Hirani


  • Country: United Kingdom

Vibrant, Youthful, Contemporary

Becca recently joined the cast of "Outstage Us" held at The Lowry Theatre (Manchester) which was supported by the arts council. Her latest audio book "What Souls Are Made Of : A Wuthering Heights Remix" was listed in the top 10 audio books for teens this year, where she received positive reviews for her performance of Catherine Earnshaw.

She is due to appear as a leading role in the feature length film “The Monster Beneath Us” being showcased at Frighfest 2024, Leicester Square, London.

Becca’s recent voice credits include playing the voice of Catherine Earnshaw in a recent audiobook adaptation of Wuthering Heights “What Souls Are Made of: A Wuthering Heights Remix” by Tasha Suri for Macmillan Publishers. The audio book was nominated as one of the top ten best audio books for teens in it’s year of release.

Voice Range

25 – 35 years







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