Carsten Clemens


German, Gravitas, Confident

Carsten Clemens is a German actor of stage and screen, living in London, Berlin and Los Angeles. Born in Germany, he was raised bilingually (German/English) by his parents. He attended acting school at the famous former Ernst-Busch Studio in Rostock. He came to major prominence after starring in Silent Night (2012). The film was directed by Sundance winning filmmaker Christian Vuissa.

"There are films in life that you watch time and time again, because they make you laugh or cry or remember or let go. Silent Night is such a film. Carsten Clemens gives an outstanding performance as the young parish priest whose every move seems to come under scrutiny. Clemens exudes both idealism of an upstart priest and the vulnerability of a young pastor who is still learning his way around. Clemens is clearly in touch with the vision for the film, because he so completely avoids showy in favour of a more quiet and sincere performance. " (The Independent Critic).

Voice Range

40 – 50 years


English, American and German



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