Daniel Emilio Baldock


Italian, Comedic, Strong,

Daniel Emilio Baldock was born in Greenwich, his father was a Londoner and a Ciociarian Mother (Region of Italy) at the age of 4 he moved to Italy, Rome. At the age of 7, Daniel discovered he couldn’t sing to save his life but had a strong inclination towards the arts.
When in trouble Daniel was always able to wriggle his way out of a situation alternating the truth, it was right then that Daniel discovered the gift and love of acting… At the age of 17, Daniel started to work as a Model and moved to Milan for 4 years, which he didn't enjoy as much as acting.

During the four years in Lombardia Daniel started to work for national television and co-presented a TV show. In 1991 Daniel booked his first role in a Film and moved back to Rome. Acting (Or the alternative truth, as he likes to call it) has been a major driving force in Daniel’s life and has allowed him to travel and work in Italy, Spain, Brazil, the US and now in the UK.

During his career, Daniel discovered that his voice wasn’t that bad, and he has a natural timing for comedy. (Well, that’s what producers say) and started to lend his voice to Movies, TV series, radio and podcasts. He has a very distinctive voice thanks to his exotic Italian accent and the ability to do authentic Italian accents, funny French, Spanish, American Italian and many others.


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