Film Cookster, The Darkest Days - Jamie Bannerman

Jamie Bannerman in upcoming Feature film ‘Cookster, The Darkest Days’

Feature Film ‘COOKSTER: THE DARKEST DAYS’, a Silent D Pictures production, in co-production with JC Pictures; story by Jason Cook, Written by JoAnn Hess, Directed by Stephen Roach. 

It’s about a dyslexic teen misunderstood by his family, abandoned by the system and desperate for respect, becomes a drug dealer struggling to balance his addiction and debt to a local gangster while a rival threatens to destroy his world, driving him apart from the woman he loves and a daughter he’s never known.

The film features our talented client Jamie Bannerman who plays the role of Darren, Craig Middleburg, Nick Moran, Tracy Shaw, Elvira Devinamira, Samuel Staite, Kaitlyn Pang, Michael Abayomi, Austin Hansen, Adam Jefferys, Lucy Walton, Samuel Kwakye, Chi Lam, Shally Tria Amanda, Jamie Bannerman, James Graeme, Julian Gamm, Tania Staite, Mitchel Fisher, Jamie Robertson, Charlie Rich, Sean Earl McPherson, Nisaro Karim, Darren Le Fevre, Marc Outbreak, John Fleming, Louise Conner, Jonathan Hansler, Theo Bellamy, Simon Ellis, Chris Bows, DJ LUCK.