Kara Hakanson


  • Country: United States of America
  • International

American, Smooth, Velvety

US talent, Versatile, Velvety tones and can easily glide into a plethora of recordings with confidence. Elements of a tuneful delivery in an almost effortless style. Kara’s voice is easy on the ear, likeable, trustworthy and remains strong and contemporary.

Kara is an actor, director, and writer who recently tapped into her love of voice over. With her foundation in acting, doing voice over work came naturally to Kara.

She loves to explore and develop new characters vastly different from her own voice for animations and video games. For narration and documentary, her smooth and naturally musical cadence engages listeners from the start.

Growing up in a small-town in Midwest, America, Kara can dial up her Minnesotan accent or dial it down for a more neutral Mid-Atlantic/Neutral American dialect. From the Midwest to the Southern Belle, to the California Valley Girl Coast - Kara’s American dialect range covers practically coast to coast.

Kara is not only an actor, but an award-winning filmmaker. Her work has screened in Canada, London, and multiple states in America.

She loves to make her own work as she finds her perspective growing up in the Midwest brings a new and unique voice into the film industry.

When not working, Kara prefers to be out in nature with her hiking boots on and camera in hand. Kara is also a professional photographer, shooting with digital and on 35mm film. She also finds joy on horseback, practising with her longsword, or exploring new sights in London.

She is currently training and studying to receive her MA in Screen Acting at Drama Centre London.


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