Ros Landor:audiobook gold winner

Rosalyn Landor narrates Gold winner ‘Pirate Captain, Chronicles of Legend’

The New York Festivals Radio Awards 66-year legacy provides a showcase to celebrate world-class storytellers from around the globe. Since 1957 the competition has celebrated innovation and excellence in broadcast audio content across all genres and platforms keeping pace with industry developments and global trends.   

The NY Festivals Radio Award Gold Winner, goes to ‘Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend’ audiobook in which our fantastic client Rosalyn Landor as the narrator. 

It’s 1753; the golden age of piracy is dead along with its famous Pirate Captains; still pirates are sailing the seas and Pirate Captain Nathanael Blackthorne is “out there” doing what he does best captaining the Ciara Morganse, seeking revenge, when Providence dumps a treasure on his deck: Cate Mackenzie, a Jacobite War criminal. It’s a story of people, scarred of both spirit and flesh, coming to grips with that ol’ demon, Trust. It’s the story of what a man will do to preserve his most treasured. It’s the story of what a woman will risk to gain what she desires most. Kerry Lynne’s The Pirate Captain Chronicles of a Legend book series is riveting storytelling that demanded a unique audio drama to bring Lynne’s characters to life. Director Neil Rosser has mixed an original musical score by Michael Vickerage, sound effects, and an all-star cast of Rosalyn Landor (narrator), Sam Hazeldine, Eleanor Tomlinson, Graham McTavish, Tom Mison, and many supporting actors, creating an exceptional production that fans refer to as an audio movie.